Computer Lab Based

These are run at the Xlab, which hosts paid exper­iments by a number of diff­erent research groups. Parti­ci­pants typically sit at 15-30 computer terminals for the experiment. Sign­ups are straight­forward, please consult the Xlab website for more information. (Map)

If you are inter­ested, please sign up at the
Xlab if you are affiliated with UC Berkeley.

If you are from the general community, please look for our experiment notices on the
Research Services & Volunteer Program (RSVP).

Brain Imaging

These are located at the Henry Wheeler Brain Imaging Center, (Map) and are conducted on an individual basis. Because of the use of brain imaging, some addi­tional steps will be necessary.

Upon signing up, you will receive a call the day before the experiment to confirm your avai­la­bility. We will also go over the safety protocol with you to ensure that you are eligible to participate (e.g., no claustro­phobia, no metal inside body).