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Kenji Kobayashi: Kenji Kobayashi received his PhD from Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute in 2017. His research focuses how to evaluate importance of information from the environment, how to incorporate it into our belief, and how to produce adaptive behavior based on it. He is now postdoctoral research at Columbia University.
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Eric Set: Eric received his PhD from the Department of Economics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2017. His research focuses on neural and genetic basis of economic decision-making. He is now lecturer in economics at NYU Shanghai.
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Yu-Ping Chen: Yu-Ping obtained her PhD at the Haas School of Business in 2015. Her research focused on brain activities associated with thinking about consumer brands. She is now Assistant Professor at College of Management in National Taiwan University.
Lusha Zhu: Now Assistant Professor at Peking University Institute of Biological Sciences.


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Thomas Dolman (University of Amsterdam): I am a visiting student from the Netherlands researching human decision making based on stereotypes. During my stay, I will use a psychophysical approach to data gathering and a computational approach to making predictions on social perception integration. I received my Bachelors from the University of Amsterdam and am currently a Masters student there.
Diandian Li (Zhejiang University)
Yuan Shao (Huazhong University)
Ryoichi Yokoyama (University of Tohoku)


Daniel Walsh (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Ratnalekha (Lekha) Viswanadham (Caltech)
Caroline Coutout (Ecole Normale Supérieure)
Soyeong Jeong (KAIST)


Zuzanna Balewski
Paul Krueger
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Falk Lieder: How should we think, learn, and decide? In which ways do our minds fall short of what they could be? To address these questions I study bounded rationality through mathematical analysis, computational modeling, and behavioral experiments. My current projects develop a bounded-rational perspective on heuristics and biases.


Manuel Amaya
Lucy An
Asher Bantock
Austin Chen
Grace Chen
Chidozie Chimezie
Aamani Chimata
Kevin Chiang
Harrison Chu
Grace Deng
Hilary Goldberg
Natalia Kominiarczuk
Nikhil Kotecha
Irene Lee
Rachel Lee
Yuen Lee
Joshua Moller-Mara
Anjli Shah
Neha Shah
Tanu Patel
Katya Simpson