NiB: Neuroscience in Business Schools

Along with Uma Karmarkar, Vinod Ventrakamen, and Carolyn Yoon, we have started a group to connect neuroscience researchers in business-related fields. The idea came from a conversation we had at the 2014 Association for Consumer Research meetings on how to promote neuroscience research in consumer research and marketing. Among the many challenges, two in particular seemed ripe for tackling with something as simple as a mailing list.

First, a neuroscientist in a marketing department will likely find him/herself to be the first and only one there. More importantly, interdisciplinary fields inevitably result in mixing of researchers coming from very different backgrounds, especially when we consider across business-related disciplines, for example between marketing, management, finance.

To address this, we created a Neuroscience in Business google group to connect neuroscience researchers in business-related fields, and to provide a resource for those interested in the area. To add please go to the webpage to sign up. Below is a brief description.

Welcome to Neuroscience in Business (NiB)! This is a group for connecting academics in business schools who are using neuroscience methods, created by Ming Hsu, Uma Karmarkar, Vinod Ventrakamen, and Carolyn Yoon. The use of neuroscientific theories and tools in business research is growing rapidly, but is still quite novel for many business schools. In addition, people in these areas may come from very different disciplinary backgrounds. We aim to build stronger bonds in this community and increase the potential for collaboration, sharing resources, and improving training, by connecting researchers in various business-related fields who are incorporating theories and data from the biological sciences. Please join us if you are either (i) a researcher in a business-related field using (or looking to use) neuroscience theories and data in your research, or (ii) a researcher in the biological sciences working on business-related topics of interest.