Participate in Experiments

We run a number of paid decision-making experiments. We ask that you read and familiarize yourself with some of the basics of parti­ci­pating in our exp­eri­ments. They are simple and should only take a moment.

We run two types of experiments:

  • Computer Lab Based (Map): These are run at the Xlab, which hosts paid exper­iments by a number of diff­erent research groups. Parti­ci­pants typically sit at 15-30 computer terminals for the experiment. Sign­ups are straight­forward, please consult the Xlab website for more information.
  • Brain Imaging (Map): These are located at the Henry Wheeler Brain Imaging Center, and are conducted on an individual basis. Because of the use of brain imaging, some addi­tional steps will be necessary.

    Upon signing up, you will receive a call the day before the experiment to confirm your avai­la­bility. We will also go over the safety protocol with you to ensure that you are eligible to participate (e.g., no claustro­phobia, no metal inside body).

If you are inter­ested, please sign up at the Xlab if you are affiliated with UC Berkeley. If you are from the general community, please look for our experiment notices on the Research Services & Volunteer Program (RSVP).