Ekaterina Goncharova undergraduate research poster

Ekaterina Goncharova received first runner-up for undergraduate research poster award for her work on association of psychopathology on social perception, social valuation, and social behavior. Congratulations Ekaterina!


Ignacio Saez starting as assistant professor at UC Davis in Fall

Ignacio Saez has just accepted a faculty position at UC Davis.
He will be starting as assistant professor in the neurosurgery department at UC Davis Medical School this coming fall.
Congratulations Ignacio!

Anna Jenkins Named APS Rising Star

Anna Jenkins was named a 2017 Association for Psychological Science Rising Star.

The Rising Star designation recognizes outstanding psychological scientists in the earliest stages of their research career post-PhD whose innovative work has already advanced the field and signals great potential for their continued contributions.

Congratulations Anna!

Berkeley Science Journal Interview

Last semester I had a very enjoyable interview with the undergraduate run Berkeley Science Journal. The interview is now available online. In it I talk about some of the practical applications of neuroscience to business practice, as well as my own career and advice for undergraduates interested in this area. I talk a bit more about the career advice bit in my faculty page.


Thomas Dolman nominated for best MSc thesis prize

Thomas Dolman has been nominated for best MSc Thesis prize, the Darwin, for his work as a visiting graduate student in our lab this past spring. Good luck Thomas!

Anna Jenkins starting at UPenn as assistant professor in Fall

Anna Jenkins has accepted a faculty position at UPenn.
She will be starting as assistant professor of psychology this coming fall.
Congratulations Anna!

Lab dinner for Pierre & Clara

Lab dinner to celebrate Pierre Karashchuk and Clara Pretus on their time at Berkeley!

2017-08-03 19.47.52.jpg

2017-08-03 19.47.59.jpg

From left: Weilun, Zhihao, Ming, Pierre, Anna, Clara, Gil.

Lab Dinner for Daniel, Rachel, and Thomas

Lab dinner to celebrate Daniel Wong, Rachel Lee, and Thomas Dolman for their time at the lab!

2017-05-11 18.57.30.jpg

2017-05-11 19.02.24.jpg

From Left: Zhihao, Daniel, Pierre, Rachel, Anna, Thomas, Ignacio

Pierre Karashchuk receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Congratulations to Pierre Karashchuk, who was just awarded the prestigious NSF Graduate Student Research Fellowship for his proposal applying computational linguistic models to understand stereotypes in natural language!

Welcome to Gil Sharvit

Welcome to Gil Sharvit, who is joining our lab on a postdoctoral research fellowship from the Swiss National Fund. He will be investigating cognitive mechanisms of disclosure behavior, whether the human brain encodes for a dedicated value in those situations, and how can learn to avoid bad decisions (e.g. regretful exposure) when we exchange information with others.

Welcome to Thomas Dolman

Welcome to Thomas Dolman, who is visiting us from University of Amsterdam as a visiting Master’s student. He will be using psychophysical approaches to data gathering and a computational approach to making predictions on social perception integration.

Congratulations Dr. Kenji Kobayashi!

Kenji Kobayashi has officially received his Ph.D. He will be starting as a postdoc in the Gottlieb lab at Columbia in the spring. Congratulations Kenji! Now for the commencement photos. :)




Welcome to Zhihao Zhang

Welcome to Zhihao Zhang to the lab as a postdoc fellow. Zhihao obtained his Neurobiology PhD at Yale School of Medicine. He will be jointly working with our lab and the Kayser lab on some exciting studies combining fMRI, pharmacology, and computational modeling.

US-France Collaboration Award

A US-France collaboration from NIDA has been awarded to support our work with Sacha Gironde at Jean Nicod Institute on understanding the computational substrates of monetary exchange.

Welcome to Zuzanna Balewski

Welcome to Zuzanna Balewski to the lab as a Neuroscience program rotation student. She will be working with Ignacio Saez on electrocorticography studies of economic decision-making.

Sackler Fellow Award to Ming Hsu

Ming Hsu just received a UC Berkeley-UCSF Sackler Program Fellowship to support translating basic neuroeconomic research to clinical applications. Prof. Hsu will be working with researchers at the UCSF Memory and Aging Center to improve current assessments of decision-making and social deficits, as well as to explore their commercial applications.

K01 Award for Ignacio Saez

Congratulations to Ignacio on his newly awarded K01 application, “Electrocorticography of human prefrontal cortex during value-based decision-making”!

Welcome Nick Angelides and Paul Krueger

Welcome Nick Angelides and Paul Krueger to the lab!

Nick is starting as a PhD student in the Cognitive Neuroscience group in Psychology. Nick received his B.A. from Rutgers University and M.St. from the University of Oxford. He joins us after working with the lab of Tim Vickery on economic decision-making. He is interested in the intersection of social and economic decision-making. His research aims to characterize the neural mechanisms underlying competitive and cooperative behavior using machine learning pattern classification methods, and modulating dopamine systems using pharmacological tools.

Paul is also starting as a PhD student in the Cognitive Neuroscience group in Psychology. Paul received his B.A. from Princeton where he worked in the lab of Jonathan Cohen. Uniquely among psychology students, Paul is putting together his own lab rotation, where he will be working with Sonia Bishop and Rich Ivry.

Lake Tahoe Lab Retreat

The lab taking a well-deserved couple of days off during our lab retreat at Tahoe.

Lab Retreat (Lake Tahoe, June 4-5, 2015





Congratulations Dr. Yuping Chen!

Our own Yuping Chen has officially received her Ph.D. She will be starting in the fall as assistant professor of marketing at College of Management, National Taiwan University! Congratulations Yuping!

Welcome Lekha Viswanadham

We have a new addition to the lab this summer. Lekha Viswanadham is joining us from Caltech as part of the SURF program. She will be working with us this summer on developing novel methods for genetic and imaging genetic analysis of behavior. Welcome Lekha!

Brand decoding paper wins first prize poster award at ISDN 2014

Congratulations to Yuping Chen, whose poster "Decoding neural responses to consumer brands using functional MRI" was awarded first prize at the 2014 ISDN Conference!

Eric Set awarded Brems Graduate Research Award

Congratulations Eric on winning the Brems Graduate Research Award from the UIUC Economics department! We also offer a bounty on any pictures taken during the ceremony!!

Welcome to Ignacio Saez

Welcome to our newest member of the lab, Ignacio Saez! Ignacio is a postdoctoral research joining us from Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute. He is interested in the biological substrates of decision-making, employing diverse techniques to study how the brain computes value, makes a choice and learns from past experience, from functional neuroimaging to intracranial voltammetry in humans.

Welcome to Kenji Kobayashi

Welcome to the newest addition to our lab, Kenji Kobayashi. Kenji is a PhD candidate in Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute. He is interested in neural mechanisms of model-based decision-making in human. Current research topics include how to evaluate importance of information from the environment, how to incorporate it into our belief, and how to produce adaptive behavior based on it. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Tokyo, Japan.

Welcome to Anna Jenkins

Welcome to our newest member of the lab, Adrianna (Anna) Jenkins! Anna recently received her Ph.D. from Harvard University in Psychology, and is joining us as a postdoctoral researcher. Anna investigates how individuals reason about what is unknown or uncertain, including inferences about others' mental states (theory-of-mind or mentalizing) and predictions about the future (prospection). More generally, Anna is interested in the degree to which human social reasoning relies on processes unique to humans and specialized for social cognition versus on more common, general-purpose mechanisms.

Congratulations Dr. Lusha Zhu!

Congratulations to Lusha Zhu, the first (of hopefully many) Ph.D. student from the lab! Her thesis is: “Understanding the Neural Mechanisms of Strategic Learning: Correlates, Causality, and Applications”. Depending on who one counts as the first generation of neuroeconomists, Lusha is either the second or third generation. And compared to my own thesis, I think it goes to show that we’ve come a long way in terms of advancement both conceptually and methodologically.

Inaugural Entry from Berkeley

Hard to believe it's almost been a month since I moved to the Bay area. If only the physical move can be as easy as moving this website (made a trivial task by RapidWeaver). Of course even after settling down here, I am still trying to transport my students and all of the setups of the lab over.

P.S. To grant agencies, now would be a great time to fund my proposals. :-)

It's Good Bye for Now

After three happy and productive years at University of Illinois, I will be moving back to the west coast. I have recently completed a move to the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. This website will live on for at least another semester.

For the sake of memory, I'm putting up some random pictures of our poster at the 2008
Society for Neuroeconomics conference, as well as our space the Beckman Institute. It's too bad I never remembered to take pictures of our experiments; not every day one gets to see a room of PCs and joysticks. :-)

New Website

I finally got sick of using iWeb and all it’s irritating features. It’s a struggle putting in a counter, and don’t get me started about the url format! I have now switched to RapidWeaver, which seems decent enough. Of course if I had the time (i.e., not going to happen anytime soon) I would just do everything by hand.