Congratulations Dr. Kenji Kobayashi!

Kenji Kobayashi has officially received his Ph.D. He will be starting as a postdoc in the Gottlieb lab at Columbia in the spring. Congratulations Kenji! Now for the commencement photos. :)




Welcome to Zhihao Zhang

Welcome to Zhihao Zhang to the lab as a postdoc fellow. Zhihao obtained his Neurobiology PhD at Yale School of Medicine. He will be jointly working with our lab and the Kayser lab on some exciting studies combining fMRI, pharmacology, and computational modeling.

New paper on honesty and deception

New paper offering a signaling perspective on studying the neural substrates of honesty and deception.

Jenkins, Adrianna, Lusha Zhu, and Ming Hsu. “Cognitive neuroscience of honesty and deception: A signaling framework.” Current Opinions in Behavioral Sciences.

US-France Collaboration Award

A US-France collaboration from NIDA has been awarded to support our work with Sacha Gironde at Jean Nicod Institute on understanding the computational substrates of monetary exchange.

Welcome to Zuzanna Balewski

Welcome to Zuzanna Balewski to the lab as a Neuroscience program rotation student. She will be working with Ignacio Saez on electrocorticography studies of economic decision-making.

Sackler Fellow Award to Ming Hsu

Ming Hsu just received a UC Berkeley-UCSF Sackler Program Fellowship to support translating basic neuroeconomic research to clinical applications. Prof. Hsu will be working with researchers at the UCSF Memory and Aging Center to improve current assessments of decision-making and social deficits, as well as to explore their commercial applications.

K01 Award for Ignacio Saez

Congratulations to Ignacio on his newly awarded K01 application, “Electrocorticography of human prefrontal cortex during value-based decision-making”!