New Website

I finally got sick of using iWeb and all it’s irritating features. It’s a struggle putting in a counter, and don’t get me started about the url format! I have now switched to RapidWeaver, which seems decent enough. Of course if I had the time (i.e., not going to happen anytime soon) I would just do everything by hand.

Distributive Justice Paper Out

Our paper “The Right and the Good: Distributive Justice and Neural Encoding of Equity and Efficiency” is out ahead of print at Science. The paper version is scheduled to print on May 26. BTW, for Chinese press releases, it would’ve been cool if they put 许明 instead of Ming Hsu. It’s somehow jarring to see sentences like “Ming Hsu及其同僚应用功能性核磁共振”. But of course nobody asked me.

Automate Proxy Logon with Applescript

I download journal articles from home pretty often, which requires me to go through the library’s proxy server, a web authentication process that takes me through 3 pages to input a username and a password. Eventually my utility for future laziness trumped my utility for current laziness, so I wrote an applescript to automate the input process. This is my first try with applescript, and so far it’s been very easy and powerful.

In case I get berated by the librarians for having a potential security hole, I used the Mac’s keychains to manage the username and password. So now you can input the password once instantaneously rather than wait, input, wait again, input again, wait yet again, click...., you get the point.

Alarm Clock

I have received a couple of emails about the above very cool looking alarm clock (original link), including one from someone in Romania wanting to import it. Unfortunately it is a different, and clearly more artistically gifted, Ming Hsu who designed it. So please contact me if you know that Ming Hsu, since he might be missing out on a fair chunk of cash money from this confusion.